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                Anger is like a very very big problem for us in which we lose our control over our reactions
Of the body. In anger our body language is changed because it is an ineffective way of operating in the (social) world, can occasionally backfire, and ultimately destroy our relationships.
At the center of the anger it is an intimidation strategy. most publicized instances of anger occur in war zones, in traffic, and hotel lobbies. But surveys tell us that approximately 80 percent of day-to-day anger occurs with family and loved ones whom you care about. These aren’t necessarily people you wish to bully and intimidate.



   Isolations are the best one from the mind and anger control technique.
We observe around the world when a person becomes very angry
He always starts losing his or her temper. And the most dangerous thing about  the human
Beings anger they can do those unnecessary things which they are not supposed to do
In their dreams. This is destroying their good relations with people.
Due to these situations or these kinds of results, I am recommending you the process  of
Isolations  because in this process A person who become anger Isolate himself in the
Room or any place where he or she alone. 

2.Your fact should be straight-
           During the period of anger many times people display a bias toward interpreting others’ behavior as hostile, deliberate, or nasty, even when they lack the information to be sure. They’re occasionally right, of course, but very frequently they’ve gotten something wrong, or taken it the wrong way.
The easiest as well as the simplest way to reduce your anger take a moment to make sure you’ve got all your facts straight. You have to be sure the contact who passed you by really ignore you and didn’t just see you?
For example, your wife has forgotten to take the milk from the milkman and you want to milk
Then naturally you become angry then you have to use the given strategy by us (your facts should be straight and clear)...

3.You should Think like a scientist, not a lawyer.

The angry speak a lot about the bad "choices" of the people make him angry, and as well as what people "should" or "shouldn’t have" done. You have to speak logically, if you believe someone should have acted differently, you must believe they could have acted differently at the moment of performing the deed. But being the person they were and seeing things as they did, there’s only one thing they ever could or would have done.
To do something else they would have had to have a different brain and held different beliefs. If you can get your head around this, and make a habit of explaining people’s behavior rather than simply condemning it, then you will be a good deal wiser, as well as still.
We strongly suggest replacing ideas of "responsibility" and "blame" with those of causes and solutions. This is essentially what scientists do—they try to work out the causes behind events.

4. If you feel the anger—but don't act on it.

Anger interferes with problem-solving and good judgment and makes you rash and rigid in your thinking. This is why even the most articulate person you know can be reduced to repetitious expletives when enraged. Ambrose Bierce, the American satirist, wisely remarked, “speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” While fear drives us to flee, anger drives us to aggress and confront. Anger always motivates revenge and retaliation. Unfortunately, the best revenge is not, as a rule, to live well. Anger is a poor guide to happiness. Hence my counterintuitive advice to "Feel the anger and not do it anyway"—the flip side to the pop-psychology slogan.

We are recommending you, you have to first right the all your anger on the paper then go for longer
Walk take a moment for your self …..



  Human beings during  the anger become very dangerous  because  they start losing their
Temper slowly. even they also start their body control during the period of anger
Like most of the people body starts shivering(shrinking), many people hands shivering  very fast during anger and In many cases, so many people tongue starts slipping and many more people
It starts crying the water loss from their eyes these all activities are very common in human beings.

In all mentioned cases of human beings anger, I AM recommending you the process repetition –
According to this process a human beings have needs to do some repetitions activities
Like repetition of some sentences, words, writing the same sentences or words
For example I am the best. I am the best. In last this is the human choice what he chooses from these
Repetitions of words, sentences, or writing the both etc..

6.Mind divert techniques- 

   Human beings are sometimes very very complicated, it is very tough for us to find

Out how a person reacts to the surrounding activities  Although how acts on these activities. Even persons who become angry don’t know the reasons beyond his or her anger.

I am personally observing all around the world and also strongly recommending you
Use the mind divert techniques to face your bad anger behavior as well as to avoid bad results of your anger.
Some mind divert techniques— should play the games whether its physical or mental. should listening some things you always want like music.
c. you should watch your favorite movies.
d. go for a long walk.
e.go for running.
f. you should eat your favorite always anger and I use it.
7.Positive thinking-                  

 This is a real fact about all around the world human beings when they have become angry they always think negatively, they don’t try to understand what result occurs due to their bad reactions, wrong and unnecessary activities. These normal mistakes always push a human being backward in his or her life and humans are feels very depressed, unenergetic, etc.
Due to this case study I am recommending you. You should always think positive, do positive
And always try to understand the results of your reactions or behavior.


    It is scientifically proved human beings bodies need rest every two or three hours if they not going to relax then this occurs anger, anxiety, headache in the human body. That’s why relaxation is very important for the human body.
I am recommending you, you should take rest in every two or three hours during your work to avoid the tiredness,  headache as well as your anger.