STEP.1  EYE WASH: ( helps in increase eyesight)
After the waking up. Most of us do splash water on eyes. Maintian the eye wash routine to the next level. To accomplished that-
Fill your mouthful with water This expands the eye muscles. Now splash cold water on eyes for times. This will given colding effect to the eyes. You can feel it. After this once your eyes get colded.
The next water wash you need to buy one eye wash cup. It is easily available in optical and ayurvedic shopes.
Put anout 15 drops of pure rose water along with cold water in it.
 Now place it on any one eyeand you sure that the water does not leaked out the sight and open your eye and let the rose water move the pupil around the eye surface and move your pupil in all directions. So that the water get calculated properly in the eyesight.
Spread anout one minute doing this , Now through this water away and refill the cup again in the same way with fresh water and rosewater.Now place it in the same way on the other eye and follow the process again for minute.
Now this complete show on eye wash routine in the morning.

STEP.2 EYE TONIC ( helps in increase eyesight)
This powerfull tonic directly nourished the nerves of the eye and helps in recover the lost eye vision.
This is Home made Tonic. Now let’s make this powerful tonic-
Take 7 soaked and peeled Almonds.(these are not regular California almonds but these are Gurbandi Almonds)
 Gurbandi Almonds are small sized almonds native of indian subcontinent which are more richer in oil, Vitamin A,E and other nutrients helpful for the eyes.
Along with Gurbandi Almonds you will need four seeds of black papper and for sweeten it with the thread mishri. Put three ingredients  in a Mortar and Pestle crush them together to form a smooth paste.
Now take a pan on low flame of gas and put one glass of milk in it and add the paste in it, now let the milk boil for the 10 minutes on the low flame of gas. After 10 min of time turn the gas off put it in the glass and don’t strain out the mixer.
Now drink this powerful formulation slowly sip by sip..let  it nurised the cell.
Now to get the maximum benifite it is important that you don’t eat anything for the next one hour. After that you can have your regular breakfast..

***Now some important things which you need to do in your working time on job to increase your eyesight---

a.   (a)  Take break after every 45 min and close your eye and take sip of water for a while and also take some sip of water before you starts your work again.
a.     Take break after every 45 min and close your eye and take sip of water for a while and also take some sip of water before you starts your work again.

(  (b)   At times you should also rub your palms together and place on your eye.

(c)  Then every time you go the washroom be sure to wash your eye with cold water after fill mouth with the water.

STEP.3 30 min before you going to sleep at night
 (it also helps increase eyesight)
You have to take mixer of one tea spoon of MAHATRIFALA GHRIT along with 250 mili gram BHRAGBASA and follow this sub with one glass of warm milk.


Maha Triphaladi Ghrita is an Ayurvedic medicine, in herbal ghee form. This medicine has ghee as its base. It is used for preparatory procedure for Panchakarma and also as medicine in the treatment of eye diseases.


Abhrak Bhasma is calcined mica ash used in Ayurveda for respiratory disorders, liver & abdominal diseases, mental diseases and psychosomatic disorders. ... The calcination process is called PUTA in Ayurveda. The number of PUTA decides the quality of Abhrak Bhasma.

Both MAHATRIFALA GHRIT and ABHRAK BHASM are classical ayurvedic medicines highly effective and treating eyesight disorders. 

STEP.4 optic massage (it also helps increase eyesight)

Just before of sleeping take few drops of Mahatrifala ghrit on your hand and massage the soul of your feet.
The nerves beneath the soul directly connected to the optic nerves. This is trendly increases blood circulation which helps to increase eyesights.

STEP.5  Mahatrifala dhrit drops on each of your eye.

(it also helps to increase eyesight)

Take mahatrifala dhrit drops on each of your eye. Now wait for about 10 minutes before you open your eyes.
The eyes g blurry for a while but after it every thing become normal. 


Now, I want to give you some more natural tips which helps you to increase your eyesight in daily routine—
a.     Avoid walking barefoots – weakness the eye muscles.

a.     Blink the eye more often—Prevents drying of eyes.

a.     Sleep in a dark room—avoid dim lights.

a.     Protect your eyes from heat—wear sunglasses.

a.     Consume one amla a day—excellent for eyes.

a.     Use screen guard on your screen—Protect your eyes.

a.     Daily eat eye strengthening foods—Carrot,Ghee,Moong daal