q.what is nightfall?
Nightfall is the uncontrolled ejaculations of reproductions fluid during sleep. This is caused by sexual or unusal and orgasm from dreams.

Let me asure guys you don’t need any kind of medicines to prevent nightfall..
Just a few simple steps to stop nightfall permanently…
Nightfall is more of males specific fenominal with over 85 percent of male experiencing it some time in their life.

The percentage of women being only 15-30 percent who experiencing this problem.

Nightfall has become extremely common now a days. Specially among males between the age group of 15 to 30 years.
If you face this involutrial octernal ambition once a month or even twice a month its kind of ok!!!
Although it happening every weak of perhaps even more it then it should concern you. One of the miths that mostpeople have is that if you do not masterbeat, Your body will anyway ejaculate semen in the form of bad dreams.
This I want you to know is not always the same case.
There are who have been able to retain their semen for year and years. It all depends what you feeding in your mind.
The main cause of nightfall is the excess heat in the body.

So to low that heat, It recommended to hve your dinner Atleast 3 hours gap before you gaining to sleep at night. Make sure that you keep it light and easy to digest.

If possible go for a POST DINNER WALK ----

Later,just before going to sleep wash your feet with running tap water.

Tap the feet dry with the help of towel. Now take some mustered oil and apply gentle on your feet to massage them properly. This will effectively remove the excess heat from the body and cams your mind and preparing you for a good sound sleep.
After you will done with this, I suggest you, you will switch off your room lights.

Now starts chanting the gayatri mantra..

It is extremely powerful, this mantra mentioned in the RIGVEDA and It is many years old.
The magical vibration of it, energise your body and cams your mind at multiple levels. My the idea is not to propagate one mantra but to tell you that chanting anything which is spiritual.
Alining your mind in a way, also alining cells just before sleep. Prepare your subconscious mind in a right way. If you follow just these simple steps I asure you guys that nightfall will stop permenentaly.
Almost intansiously as we discuss the nightfall is mainly causes due to excessively heat in your body. It will gently helps you, If you start working out regularly any form of physical excersice. Also decrease your indulgence in watching porn or anything related to it which can unnecessarily clutter your subconscious mind.
If you already experience nightfall quite regularly. I recommend you that you cut down on SPICY FOOD, OILY FOOD,HOT FOOD.

it is best to keep your life busy and goal oriented..

These steps definitely helps to prevent your nightfall.(100% guaranteed)
After using this method give us your result.