How to build biceps at home

Now for years, people have fallen back on dumbbell curls to help and make on their triceps. It would look like a master key in making biceps. Think about it honestly. When was the last time you tried a variation of this mother-all arm exercise? Mix and match some of the given body and hand positions and you will be able to create different versions of that famous curl. The upside to this would be that you are getting new ways to make biceps with each passing day.


Hang your dumbbell at the length of your arm; And they should make for a straight line from your shoulder. Now pull your dumbbell towards your shoulders without any movement in your upper arms, and take it as close as you can. Now stop for a while and then start reducing your weight till you reach the starting position. Each time you return your arms to the starting position, make sure that they are completely straight.

Hold the handle of the dumbbell in the center, while your palms are facing forward. When you are in classic dumbbell curls this is called the standard position for your hands. This position will help target your brachi, which is the largest of all muscles in the frontal part of your upper arm.

Make sure your palms are facing forward, and try to touch the outside dumbbell head using your thumb. The benefit you will get from this hand position will be that you will put some more pressure on your biceps brachi when you pull the dumbbell because you want to move forward. The trick is to make sure that your palms are facing upward at all times.

Hand position:
This is an excellent position to help make biceps. In this situation, you will be expected to bend your arms, so that your palms are backward. This condition will help you to feel tension in your forearms. This condition is said to work on your biceporialis, which is higher than your biceps brachi.

During this position, your palms will be facing each other. This situation will eliminate the pressure on your brachialis to work a little harder. If you work on your brachialis, it will help your arms become thicker.

Permanent body position:

While you are standing; Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart from each other. The benefit you get from this will involve more muscle. If you are standing, instead of sitting, you tangle your core muscles more.

This body position is good for the formation of biceps and also helps your core muscles. You can get strong abs. In a split stance, you have to stand tall and place one leg on a step or a bench that is higher than the level of your knees. This stance will help you work those core and hip muscles a little harder. This has to be done to ensure that your body is stable.

In this body position you have to sit with a straight back, either on a Swiss ball or on a bench. This will involve you to have a better look while performing the exercises. When you curl the dumbbell, you will not move back and forth; Since this is considered 'cheating'.

Try and lie on a bench that is set at 45 degree inclination. This will give you big guns. When you lie on a crouch, your arms will hang backwards and this will emphasize the long head of your brachi.

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